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Now, Can a IP directly relate to a player or dose it need to be a GUID. Got banned from one server due to a IP relationship. Checked the guid of the highlited player and its not me. I want to be able to clear up this issue w/ the servers admin. Dont like to be called a cheat. It dont sit well w/ me. Put a ticket W/ even balance they had no issues w/ me. What to do????

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Why??? I am coming here for help. Is, was that a bad question to ask???


He said other thread with the same question.


You asked the same question in more then one place. One post with the question is enough :)

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Got it. New to this type of stuff. Can you giv insight to that Q:


Your IP is linked to your internet connection, so it generally is 'specific to you'. Keep in mind that other PC's in your house share the same IP address to the outside (Internet).


Most IP addresses are dynamic though, and get redistributed to other people that use the same Internet provider as you, every once in a while.


Perhaps if you explain your problem in a bit more detail (What game? etc), it'd be easier for us to help you.


PS. Google is your friend ;)

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Ok, I understand that. What has apparently happened is that a search was made using my IP and or my user name and they got a hit. In the search is given a GUID # of the player involved. I was shown a screen shot of the master list. I used the GUID to do a search and found this player. He is accused of a multi hack in cod4. I have this game and have played but not to much. The server is a bf2 server that i was baned from. I play bf2 lots 700+ hrs. What I dont want is to loose my profile or be banned from other servers. Would a link to the server fourms that I have been using be ok to put here for u to check? You would be able to see what I was, and they were seeing and saying. My player name is dogboy64 and another profile is SNIPEG4. My sons. He is not a pc kid and only plays bf2 W/ my direct supervision. Thank you sooo much.

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Your account is clean here. You are linked to the person because you have a dynamic IP address. The only way to play on that server would be to go there and appeal why you want to play and see what their reason is. There is one other possibility that happened is that the IP that is associated with the BAN is in their banlist and it was the dynamic IP that you had at that time.

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