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Help at working my old XP out


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Hello this is not about punkbuster :D


But please help me out :)


My old computer have a start up failure, and i could reinstall it, but then i will delete all my pictures and important stuff, how do i safe those files?

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You are probably better off posting this on a tech-support forum somewhere. Google around and you will find plenty, who are probably more capable of helping you out with this :)




If it is an unrecoverable start-up failure, all you can do really, is connect the hard drive as a second hard drive on another PC, and simply drag 'n drop whatever files you need.


That, or use recovery/backup software such as Acronis Disk Director or True Image.

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Grab a Linux live CD of any flavour (chocolate, strawberry or Ubuntu/OpenSUSE/Knoppix) - boot your broken PC from CD. Mount your buggered drive (Just clicking on it in "Places" should do it (will be self explanatory when you boot)), and copy everything you need to an external drive :)


Easy as pie.


Then, once you have rebuilt - take Lucky_Fr4gg3r's advice and invest in Acronis True Image - fantastic bit of software, that.

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