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Poss PB probs?

Sir Foo KWSN

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OK - I've just set up our new CoD4 server and it says that it's streaming on my account info. I've updated the server PB files and made sure mine was also updated (never had to before though?)


But everyone is getting kicked out of the server now and has only happened sinse I set up the streaming.....




Please help before the dog gets a kicking. :blink: :D

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Let's get one thing straight, right from the off :) streaming does not cause any kind of PB problem, so the root cause lies elsewhere.

What is the server response to the command pb_sv_ver




If you check your logs you will see that I was able to join your server and run around for 5 minutes or so with no problem what so ever.

I always follow a litttle ritual before every gaming session, by using pbsetup.exe to make sure my PB client is fully updated.

Try it, it could make all the difference :)



Your server logs are full of a repeated one line of spam :P

log extract:

[12.13.2008 08:24:49] ->PBSV: Download Request for htm\wa001407.htm Sent to (COD42.EVENBALANCE.COM)




Do you think its trying to tell you something :)

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OK, Call me thick lol, but that don't mean anything to me. What do I need to do now?


PS: I got no responce to "pb_sv_ver"

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