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will this guid ban


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hi there


i have just set up streaming on my servers and am just wanting to know.


2 clan members live in the same house and play in the server using the same copy of cod4 hence useing the same guid.


will they still beable to play in the server at the same time with out getting kicked and or banned?


if they will get kicked / banned, is the a way i can pervent this?





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They will not get banned by PBBans for just playing at the same time. They may get a kicked if your (or any server) which restricts duplicate GUIDs (pb_sv_guidrelax 0).


PB_SV_GUIDRelax [0-7]

Defaults to 0; Controls PunkBuster's kicking behavior related to GUIDS; A Value of 1 means PB will not kick for UNKN (Unknown) GUIDs; A Value of 2 means PB will not kick for WRONGIP GUIDs (these are GUIDS which are valid but not from the IP Address the player is connecting from); A Value of 4 means PB will not kick for DUPLICATE GUIDs; These values (1, 2 and 4) can be combined to achieve the desired behavior

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