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changing pbban greeting


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Hi, I setup my bf2 server a while back and a buddy of mine set me up on his account so i could stream to pbbans. Since then we do not speak to eachother(typical clan drama).


I have recently changed the server rules, wich now i need to edit the pbban hub greeting, as it contains an old rule. I have applied for an account twice now and i didnt get a reply, so I guess what im getting at it how to change the message or even delete it from my server.


I'd like to keep streaming but, i'd rather not have an old rule everytime someone comes into my server and then i have to explain that i have changed the rules...bla bla bla.So if its possible to remove pbbans from my server, instead of waiting forever for my account to be looked at, I'm all ears for suggestions.


Thanx in advance



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