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is this a hack?


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Apologies for taking too long to reply but there are a lot of things staff do, such as go to work etc.


This SS shows a TS overlay and is not a cheat.





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What Siskin said, basically. The hub has been having issues the last 48h, so PBB staff/admins have their hands full on getting it working again.


You don't appear to be streaming to PBB either, so I don't think your in a place where you can complain about lack of support..


Privilege != Right





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We do try our best to answer all questions, SGA or other-wise. Sometimes a simple answer to a question, and a bit more communication, and we gain yet another SGA in our ranks, and a new server is streaming. That never hurts. ;)


skunkcap, you may want to check out the services we offer by clicking our homepage. Take a few minutes to read our Terms of Service first, and then read up on how to stream. Feel free to do more than apply for a forum account, here, as you will find a whole new world into support for anti-cheat, and information available to you.


Just bear with us as we get some issues on our end sorted, and if you apply, please be patient for streaming to become active. :)

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