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Player ban registered to a different server?


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Hello Everyone,


Our server just started streaming yesterday and at about 5:14pm we got our first ban :D


Heres the screen shot:




We checked your website though:




And it said he was banned here:


EB d39b69e203c087c2cece40f0d9fadc47

MULTIHACK #79023 SleepingEye *eVe* 33 mins ago

Our server IP where he got banned is:


His ban didn't register in our BF2CC ban list and our PBBans image didn't update:




What gives? Is he actually banned from our server or banned from all servers and why is it showing their server as the server he got banned instead of ours?

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looks like he was banned on another server streaming to PBBans and you have the Announce New Bans flag checked on your server set-up


Should be banned from all servers streaming playing the game in which he was banned from

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