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Forums appear to be confused over my status


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I was previously a streaming game admin for an old clan back in cod4. When i left the clan i requested myself removed from the old team VS-UK and another member to be put in charge of it.


I am in a new clan and trying to add our team to PBBans, however when i try to submit an application it tells me:


You have already applied for admin status and your application was approved.

But when i click on Account managment i get:


** Access Denied **

You must have an account at PBBans to access this area.


To get a PBBans Account please visit our application page and apply.



I have filled in my profile accordingly for the new clan & the server has been set to stream following the guide; pbsv.cfg & pbucon.use are in place and being loaded.

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tried refreshing the page (firefox) on both


on the your account has already been approved message there is a link to the forum thread 44791, but i cant follow it as i guess i havent got the required permissions.

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As you had made an application in February of 2008 you were blocked from making another application.


I have removed the application so you should now be able to apply again.



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