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As per our ToS

3. Registration Requirements



3.3 You agree to provide PBBans with accurate and up to date information including a complete roster of your clan/group (if needed), a list of your server admin with ftp access, game server IP addresses, clan/group tag, clan/group website address, and game affiliation. All changes to this information must be reported to PBBans within 7 days of there change.


PBBans require a website that has a viewable and current clan roster or link to a current roster. General information regarding the team servers such as IP name and game. It is also desirable to have a rule set which outlines what is required of players on your server and a forum where team members discussions are held.


TWL does not constitute a team website as a TWL team can consist of members from any clan and the team may be dissolved at the end of a match season.


PBBans and its members take pride in what we do here and we are certainly proud of the fair and decent members we have streaming to us. A team website lets us know that you are serious about your team and tags and that you take pride in them.



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What are the requirements for a team website. I have been told I cannot use my TWL website.


A special arrangement has been made for clans who compete in TWL and have no clan website.

Contact rogue (the lead anti cheat manager for TWL) and he will set you up. :)

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