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Im being threatened by a guy who hangs around with my clan. He doesnt like me, and he told me he was going to have my BF2 name screwed up and and PB banned and what not.

He's already done it to like four or five of our members.


Is there anyway I can stop this or prevent it or anyway I can report it, or have it reversed once it happens?

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You would have to ask EA about how you would handle the situation regarding your stats but as far as actually getting banned because of you name it wont happen. Different IPs and different GUIDs. I would frankly ban him from your site if possible and if your clan leader wont ban him then I would leave the clan.

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When a player gets banned its their GUID that gets banned. Not their alias. So him spoofing your name and joining a server with hacks on purpose to get caught, will actually only lead to his GUID being banned. More fool him.


With regards to your stats, thats a question for EA.

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