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Link of Proof that I'm not a cheater.


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my in-game name is Tr1gg3r. you may also see me as [=SL=] Tr1gg3r (Snake's Lair). for the past 2 years, i've played exclusively bf2142. i'm an experienced fps player, and i'm particularly good with the baur kit and pk-rockets in bf2142.

unfortunately, i've raised suspicions on several servers that i frequent because of my high k/d ratio. i've been banned from 3 sites, and then un-banned after the administrators figured out that i don't hack or cheat in any form. i may be annoying with my rocket spamming, but that's hardly illegal.

anywho, and please bear with me on this since i'm new to this site.

do you have an individual's profile (via pbbans) that can show that he/she does not use any hacks? i'd like to "carry" this around and direct any server administrator who is investigating me for cheating. it gets tiring being accused, banned, and then having to go to each clan site to be unbanned.

if there's something like that, or something similar, i'd appreciate it. don't laugh if my request is totally whack.



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Rocket noooooooooooooooooooooob! :BigB:




well, actually, rocket gawd! hehe, i smoke the rocket noobs who shoot their rockets in front or sometimes behind me. rockets are not easy by the way.



tell them to search your guid here if they are streaming. simple enough.


ok, that sounds reasonable. thx.

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