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streaming my server

=APS= Unknonwbear

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Hey, =APS= Unknonwbear here. Me and a few friends just rented a server and with a little help we were able to get our server stream ready. Now when we try to make an application it gets declined because our forum is not active enough. Is there any way to get the server streaming as a newly created clan? Would be an advantage to be able to send screenshots and look players up.. Please reply to this thread if there is anything we can do?


And we also need a accepted email. do you have any suggestions? gmail and hotmail does not work..

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If you have a paid-for site, they usually have an allowance for clan-email setup, or you can use the e-mail address provided by your ISP. Free e-mails will not be accepted here.


As for getting your forums active, that takes you and your clan doing so. Can't help you with the post-count, but you and your guys can make that happen.

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New regulations as per recent events has lead us to become more stringent on our procedures. The two things we require are a publicly available roster and a forum with a basic level of activity.


This means some threads with more than one reply, and forums with more than two threads in them. We do this to judge clan longevity - as it takes a lot of work to sort out new team accounts for teams - which goes to waste if I take the time setting up a new team with only 2 threads on their forum and then find that they close up the next day. The system would only get clogged up with unused team accounts.

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