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Streaming Application Requirements


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Requirements for SGA Applications.


For those applicants that wish to stream their servers to PBBans please note the following general requirements.





Servers MUST be hosted at a data centre. This means that you can rent a server off a Game Server Provider (GSP), co-locate your server or rent space on a dedicated server in a data centre.

Any server that is situated at home or in your home office/business that you can access via your network is not acceptable. There is no reason that you should be able to play the game on the same IP as the server that you wish to stream to PBBans.

We will automatically deny any application where we find the server is not hosted at a data centre.

We will automatically deny any application if the server IP does not resolve to a data center.

We will automatically deny any application if the server IP is the same as the applicants.

We will automatically deny any application if the server is using cracked server binaries.

We will automatically deny any application were the submitted website has racist or pornographic content.

We will automatically deny any application if the applicant appears on the MBI (Master Ban Index)

We will automatically deny any application if clan members appear on the MBI (Master Ban Index)


Email addresses:


Free online email accounts are not considered acceptable email accounts for streaming applicants.

Email accounts such as one from your ISP, business, college or school or military unit are acceptable.

Those accounts that come with your website are also considered acceptable. PBBans will send emails to your nominated account if the server stops streaming for a time. It is important to both PBBans and your team that you receive this information.



PBBans require a working website from each streaming applicant. The website needs to include such things as a team roster, server information and a forum for discussion with team members.

It is mandatory to have the team roster, a section of the forum and server information public (can be viewed without registering).

A league website link, battlelog, steam, Xfire etc etc is not an accepted website, the website must be a unique web presence that directly relates to your clan/group.



Non clan/group orientated:

If you are applying to stream on behalf of a community/group that is not clan orientated, we require a news item or pinned forum topic stating server details and your intention to stream to PBBans, a tag that relates to your community/group in some way will also be required (tags are mainly used on the PBBans administration side of things so authenticity is not too important)

An admin/contacts list on the website/forum with the name of the applicant on it, is a mandatory requirement.

Please place a direct link to your news item or pinned topic, in the comments box of the team account application form.


Free websites are fine.


Game Monitor and Game Tracker have a varitey of server banners available which will inform the public of your servers. These banners are free and the code is very simple to add to your website.

It should be noted that Game Monitor and Game Tracker are not accepted by PBBans as a working clan website.


A team roster can include a link to a site such as battletracker but it is preferable to have a well set out list on your site which includes details of the player admins team captains etc. If you just have a simple site a locked post in public view will do.


Websites MUST be populated. Creating a quick free website with 2 members and throwing together the information required does not constitute a populated website. We are looking for signs of longevity and need to see some activity from the team members.

You may just be a small team starting out but please get your members signed up and active before applying to stream. The more activity we see on your site the more convinced we are that you are serious about wanting to stream and keep your servers as free of cheats as you can.




Please include a GUID that you have recently played on with your application.

The GUID must be unique to you and you alone.

GUIDs may be of 8 or 32 characters in length not 9 or 10. Applications with an invalid guid will be denied. Please ensure that you include the correct game associated with your guid and that you have spent at least 10 minutes on a PBBans streaming server prior to applying. This is very important to those of you on dynamic IP's as it helps us eliminate any linked accounts that may have been banned. Those with static IP's still need to include a recently active guid to eliminate any problems with processing their streaming application.



Please make sure to set up the server to stream prior to making an application. Use the Automated Hub Setup or follow the Hub guide to enable streaming and use the pb_sv_uconlist command to verify that streaming is active.


The response to the pb_sv_uconlist command should appear similar to the following


PunkBuster Client: [slot] [Type] [Mask] [Name]
PunkBuster Client: 1 1 pbbhub1
PunkBuster Client: End of PB UCON Profile List (1 Entry)

This will ensure the necessary forum upgrades / access can be processed immediately rather than have to wait for our auto update process to kick in.




Following these guidelines will ensure that you only need to apply once and that your server will be streaming A.S.A.P.



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