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Now I dunno if you still accept demo evidence, but is there any format or anything I have to do to the demo file so it is accepted? Or will I just leave it as it is and submit it?

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First off, you'd have to be a Streaming Game Admin, or SGA, here. Meaning you need to either be listed on your clan's SGA list, or be streaming a server to us yourself.


Only games that have an in-game demo recording feature, such as ET, RTCW, the COD-series, etc may have demo's submitted for them.

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1) I am not stupid I have been a streaming server game admin up until very recently, the server is on my hosts account now.


And I should of clarified, its Call of Duty 4, which does have an in-game record function, but I remember reading something on the forums maybe a year ago saying that you had to do something to the demo file, like to confirm it happened at a certain time or something.


Just to prove they are streaming:

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