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i am sitting here looking at my own id and looking at my own guids etc

and i found that i have an ip that is linked to someone else..


its specifically in BF2 which i stil dabble in here and there..

the person that the ip shows to is from 2005, is clean( for now)

anyway to get it unlinked before something potentially bad might happen?

or is it jsut sorry bout my luck?



its ok if it is..




i love bf2 and dont want my name tarnished. i know you cant do much bout ips.. freaking net providers recycle them often.. road runner is not the best... lol


any insight?

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As you said, providers often reassign IP-addresses, and I'm afraid there is nothing we can do about any links that may be the effect of this.


Always take results of IP-searches with a grain of salt;


User IP searches alone may not be 100% reliable as some players have dynamic IP's and often share them with other users of their ISP.


GUID searches are the most reliable method.

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i always try to bear that in mind when viewing the linked info. i really do like having said info. i have found some very interesting connections there

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