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I am a Co-Leader and our Clan Leader had sent an email already to the email address that you guys have requested we send the demo and screenshot to


We (PBBans) don't handle PBSS & demo submissions by Email... Who asked you to send an Email ?

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As Ace said, keep in mind Evenbalance (developers of the Punkbuster software) and PBBans are two completely separate organisations.


Did you mail it to [email protected]? If so, Evenbalance does not take action based on 3rd party-evidence in the form of screenshots and demos; they will however, research any cheats you might find and submit to them.


As a side note, I suggest you contact whoever is in charge of your team account, so you can be added to it and receive additional access. This way you can submit demos and Punkbuster Screenshots in our review areas.

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