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Long story short, one of my clients servers was hacked and we have managed to find the IP and alias as they got caught on the console_mp.cfg with the "rcon_from "ip" ". However as client kept restarting servers etc to get rid of the hacker who was playing about with the server and constantly changing p/ws and server settings the console_mp.cfg file kept getting overwritten.


I was speaking to Admin Duality on the IRC and he stated :


<team-eG|pingU> the concole_mp.cfg

<team-eG|pingU> console*

<team-eG|pingU> does tht save anywere else ?

<Duality> no, there is only one copy of that

<team-eG|pingU> like previous records of it..or does it jsut overwrite straight away

<Duality> actually

<Duality> im not sure

<Duality> i think it may archive

<team-eG|pingU> damn it...thats what we got copies of, but as cleint had to restart the server so much it overwrote it

<team-eG|pingU> any idea where?

<Duality> no clue, im afraid

<Duality> been a while for me since i worked on servers myself

<Duality> you could post in our forums though

<Duality> a good few thousand SGAs there who can help a lot better than me

<team-eG|pingU> ahh ok......


So here i am asking if this can be done so we can pull the evidence to prove that this was done, as copies apparently which haven't been tampered with do not count :S


And is there any other places I can look for my client to try and find in the .cfgs or other files when our friendly hacker tampered with the rcon?!


Many thanks..sorry to droan on :(


Any help will be greatly appreciated



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Looks to me like someone has FTP access to your console_mp_server.log file, the file can be called by anyone through internet or someone's good at guessing rcon passwords.

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OK. Got some progress now.


set g_logsync "0" // 0=no log, 1=buffered, 2=continuous, 3=append

set logfile "0" // 0 = NO log, 1 = log file enabled

set g_log "" // Name of log file, default is games_mp.log

set sv_log_damage "0"


atm the g_log is set to games_mp.log


however we want the console_mp.log to append so we can save all information. what do i do for this?

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