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** Access Denied ** Account 3492 is suspended.


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:lol: :lol: :lol: hi !!! :lol: :lol: :lol:


I have read this message on my last login to pbban:



** Access Denied **

Account 3492 is suspended.


Please contact a PBBans admin for further assistance.




I am admin and founder of italian CoD4 Clan :


Clan V for Vendetta (www.v4v.it.gg)


Clan Server ip :


The server result not in streaming whith pbhub ...


One member of my clan is banned by pbhub ([V4V]Gianpy),the appeal on this ban result denied.

This member is now out of my Clan.

Could somebody explain me please ?

Plese help me for a solution...


Many tanks for reaply !!!

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A cheater was within your clan ranks and the violation was deemed valid by EvenBalance staff via appeal / troubleticket.

As per our policy a notification was sent to you via forum pm by Lucky_Fr4gg3r, which was read but not responded to, by you.

In that pm is notification of a 7 day grace period, wereby you are expected to get rid of the cheater from the clan / roster within 7 days.

The 7 day grace period had elapsed and the cheater was still on your roster, so the account was suspended pending the correct action to be taken by you.

I am looking at your clan roster at this minute and I can still see the same player is still on your roster and marked active.




This player needs to be completely removed from your clan/roster before the team account will be unsuspended.

When you are ready, pm Lucky_Fr4gg3r and he will check things out and take the appropriate action.

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Many tanks for quickly reply.

This player now is be completely removed from our clan/roster and the team account is suspended.

I have send a pm to Lucky_Fr4gg3r .


:rolleyes: tnx !!!

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