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Application process times

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Hi folks.


First, don't take this in completely the wrong way, or kill me :P Just noticed something with the accounts processing. My application has been running since yesterday morning, and since then I have observed about another 20 applications get dealt with, and mine is still sat there. The fact that mine is still there is not a problem, it's not odds to me, but the fact is, the applications are getting processed in the reverse order. Some guys are having theres done within about 10 minutes of applying, whereas others, are waiting up to a few days. Perhaps it could be done the other way?! Unless of course there is a reason why you do that, in which case ignore me :)


In fact, I might as well say this (as it is my first post here), that I have seen a very high level of competence on these boards by all the staff and most of the SGA's. It's great to be in a place with like-minded individuals that really know their stuff. Keep it up folks. I'll go post an intro post now :P





Just realized I posted this in the wrong section I think. Sorry about that :/

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**Applied once already; re-applying as per Duality's request**


is what you put on your app. Our staff members were unsure of "Duality' request" so it has been left until Duality comes back around unless you can shed some light?

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That's fine. Like I said, it wasn't to complain about my app or anything. About that though, tt was denied initially because the GUID wasn't showing on the MPI. Now it is, so it should all be OK. No worries ;)

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I do apologise for the wait - I was offline from Saturday onwards as you are now aware :)


I tend to do applications from the bottom up - so the ones that have been left longest get done first. I will sometimes do a couple out of the order they were posted if someone contacts me asking it to be done due to league matches etc that are due to be played. Another reason an application may be done last is if it requires extra investigations to be done.

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It is also customary for the Account Managers to do a very thorough review over each application and at times they do pass some over awaiting other Account Managers to provide input.

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