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need help may be name spofing attack on me bf2


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well i recently check my name on the pbban mbi user and i'm surprise to see that my name was associat at 7 cd key.

i used 3 cdkey max :

mine and sometime one of my soons and sometime one of my borther.

So why there is 7 cd key (guid) with my name ????????

can someone or admin check that, and give me the ip or something (another name user) who use my name ??

I think there is a probleme somewhere (hack name spoofing or womething...)

need i change my password for my name ? and how if it's possible

Thank for your help.

(id bf2 is same as my login here)

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Names are general...with the number of people playing BF2, you're bound to run into someone with an identical name. Your concern is to ensure your GUID(s) remain clean.



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There are some guids that have your name on them that are stolen/keygen keys. Of the ones with strictly French IP's, 2 of the 3 are global banned by evenbalance.

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