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  1. Can a forum adminstrator change my username by removing the BsW tag? Fozzer requested I ask in this posting.
  2. As I always like to say. Never trust anything from anyone, when it comes to the internet. Take this as a learning experience...would you rather it be your CD Key..or you checking account and credit card information.
  3. Do you have autoss enabled?
  4. Wonder if we could bring our own weapons? Like a crossbow with flaming arrows..or tipped with cow poop.
  5. Names are general...with the number of people playing BF2, you're bound to run into someone with an identical name. Your concern is to ensure your GUID(s) remain clean. ^_^
  6. I knew there had to be queergineer involved. Too funny
  7. ATI card, thats why your clean. Vista 64 with a Nvidia card produces black screenies.
  8. I have a laptop running the same configuration you are using (pending the processor; mine is a Centrino Duo T7250 2.0GHZ) and I get clean screen shots all the time. My driver is version 179.28. Do you have Aero and UAC disabled in Vista? Are you running CoD4 as admin? Some things to look into.
  9. I've done a bit of research on this issue between members of my clan and public players playing on our servers. It comes down to this: If you are running Vista 64bit with a Geforce card, you will always return black SS. Any other type of operating system with updated vcard drivers, Direct X updates will return normal screen shots. For whatever reason PB is having problems with a 64 bit Vista operating system. I still havent come up with any type of solutions to fix it. It's up to PB.
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