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  1. vader


    still no snow in the south east of uk (kent)
  2. one of members posted this on our forums [/url]dead Ops Arcade the hidden zombie level in Black ops Here's how to get it... At the menu screen when you're sitting in the chair press PRONE and JUMP repeatedly and you'll break free. You can then stand up and walk round the room with the monitors. In a corner is a computer you can use. To access Dead Ops Arcade type 'DOA' without the quotes at the prompt To play ZORK ( A text adcenture!) type 'ZORK' For dead ops mode in Zombies type '3arc unlock' You can also access accounts on this PC type the following
  3. much respect goes to everson and Ap3xPr3dator ,respect to everson for the way he handled this ,excellent man managment ,and of course respect to ap3xpr3dator for stepping up to offer his apology group hugs all round :P
  4. They've just equipped the sue the shit out Activision perk.
  5. Security Appears At Infinity Ward, Studio Heads Missing, Activision Investigating "Insubordination" Read more: http://g4tv.com/thefeed/blog/post/702911/Security-Appears-Unannounced-At-Infinity-Ward-Studio-Heads-Missing-Staff-Freaked-Out-.html#ixzz0h1jTSf9P Read more: http://g4tv.com/thefeed/blog/post/702911/Security-Appears-Unannounced-At-Infinity-Ward-Studio-Heads-Missing-Staff-Freaked-Out-.html#ixzz0h1jfr3bQ
  6. we are also currently having problems with streaming our servers, they have been streaming without problem for months ive changed nothing ,are there any issues cod4 world at war world at war world at war world at war
  7. his latest post http://www.infinityward.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=205604
  8. hey renegade i do not want the game , i just wanted to comment that i think thats a mighty decent thing your doing passing on a game ,respect !!
  9. looks very nice mayday ,as always you win ffs
  10. sorry ive not added my input to this thread sooner ,my inputs not needed as so many of the community has already expressed how we all feel about this . i just wanted to add that supposedly this is is to stop piracy on the pc version, among other reasons (cash cow +dlc ) i had to have a laugh when i saw that modern warfare2 for the xbox 360 is on the newsgroups already (pirated )
  11. i think you missed a letter from "sitting ":)
  12. one of our members posted this link on our forums it made me chuckle as i briefly thought about selling the house and living the dream http://www.somalicruises.com/ Welcome to Somali Cruises It's like a safari, only better"Safari" is the Swahili word for adventure and that's just what we have in store for you. We sail up and down the coast of Somalia waiting to get hijacked by pirates. We encourage you to bring your 'High powered weapons' along on the cruise. If you don't have weapons of your own, you can rent them on the boat. Our rates $800.00 US/per day double occup
  13. vader

    uk drivers

    Speed Cameras Thought you might be interested to know that following the UK Government's freedom of information act you can now get access to ALL speed camera offences registered in the last 12 months. Did you know that every time your car goes past a speed camera,even 1mph over the set limit, it is registered and put on a database? You only get a ticket if you are way over the limit or, (this is the bit that I didn't know) if you receive over 10 near misses, you will be classed as a serial offender and get a ticket the next time you go just over the limit. This is why you h
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