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Why banned?


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I've just begun to play cod4 after two month of DoW2. I got this corruption error every time ive played so i updated punkbuster manually and now i get


"nobody PunkBuster permanent ban issued on this game server for player 'nobody' ... GLOBAL PunkBuster GUID BAN 41d6eb8d"


so i went here:




i noticed there were two aliases which ive never seen or heard: vagrant and gotdank?

then i noticed that they were issued on american servers. I live in australia and play on local servers for low ping

I dont use whatever those red boxes indicate


Is it possible i got hacked? and how can i prove that im not lying and have not breached anything

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but now that they do have my CD key, why does it matter if i remove the virus, they've already got the serial no.


i do have a legit copy. or do i have to buy ANOTHER...

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or do i have to buy ANOTHER...

new cd key = new guid


your old cd key = old guid


old guid = banned


I hope you understand the equation

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Do this:


1st: Reformat your HD.

2nd: Refresh your modem to change your IP.

3rd: Install an Internet Security with antivirus and anti-spyware scanners and make sure they are updated daily.

4th: Buy brand new game from a game store. Dont buy online unless it is steam or fileplanet.

5th: Do not let anyone near your PC to play your games without you there watching them.

6th: DO NOT download anything from any site that may be malicious in nature!


If you follow those rules, you will be fine. :)

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