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He may appeal his ban.


If it is denied, he will have to purchase a new copy of the game if he wishes to be able to play on PBB streaming servers.

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ban appeal will be denied if its opened. Your friend had a cheat related file on his computer. You should note that the digital fingerprint of the detected file ( a7cec7ba9a3bc6d0bff9568e0738dedd ) is streamed along with everything else;


->PBSV: MD5Tool ["CoD2qESP.dll" SZ44544 AT4096 LEN32 A7CEC7BA9A3BC6D0BFF9568E0738DEDD] from (slot# 21) TEAMENJOI^4HD^7RUS


It is an exact match for the cheat file we have in our database and there is no chance of a rock solid detection of this type ever being removed.

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