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stolen cd key?


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hey all.. let me tell my strory...

i bought cod 4 when it first come out in greece...

that year i didnt had network in my house...

so when my cousin asked me to give him my cd key i didint say no...

as soon i got network i tried to play in some servers and i couldnt..

it said that im banned by admin decicion...

my guid is: 10f6591be06847bfab371918ac2c906f

what to do??

any ideas?

plz! if any know anything tell me!


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The player that raised the bannable violation is from the U.S.A. on OCtober 15 2008.


Where is your cousin from ?

All reputable anti cheat sites ban by pbguid, which is a 32 digit hexadecimal hash of the game cd key.

If this particular pbguid was removed from our banlist, it would leave the cheater free to carry on using that same cd key.

The same pbguid is also banned over at AON.



Buy a new game cd, do not tell your cousin what it is and move on.

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my cousin is from italia...

i dont understand that...

his name isnt john

and he dont live in usa....

Is there any way my keycode was stolen? or something like that?

i dont know what happened

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Ask your cousin what he did.

Bottom line = that pbguid is not going to be removed from our banlist because it was used to cheat with and I guess you will get the same response over at AON.

Nothing more to be said

Topic closed.

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