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bf2142 ban... dont know why or from what server


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OK.... i have 2 computers in my home with 2142, so i log in this morning and get onto a server and it goes back to the menu and has the punkbuster pop up screen and says nothing. i hit ok and try to goin a new server. i notice that it says i have a ban of some sort. The only thing that happened yesterday (6-19) was i got into a walker b4 it was 8v8 and the admin told me to get out and i was like "oops sorry" and he said no problem. the only other thing is that every once and a while i get kicked for high ping (i have wi-fi) and that has never gotten me banned though. I dont know why i got banned, or where i got banned. it had to be between 10:00 on 6-19 to today 6-20. is there anyway i can find out why i was banned?!


Thanks for the help


BTW my bf2142 player ID is =707= Louie07

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You can use this tool, although it's probably easiest to reinstall the game entirely.


Make sure to check and double-check the CD-key you enter.

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