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Adding on a 2nd server to my account


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I was able to get pbbans to stream my 2nd server, however, when I try to add it to my account (as stated after streaming is started using RCon), I get clan and tag are already in use.

Both are the same clan/tag. One is for COD Waw and the other is for COD4.

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are you adding it through AccCp? http://www.pbbans.com/account/index.php

if this is the server http://www.pbbans.com/msi-server-72-51-60-198-28960.html

looks like Lycanthrapy (139223) is the only active member on that team


Account ID 7777

Name New Elite Order Commandos

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That is the current server we are streaming. We have another for COD4

We would like to get it streaming too.

I have no idea why Lycan would be the only 1 listed, i made the 1st account myself, and I am the server admin.

When I go to the account page, it tells me access denied, but if I click the application page, then go to the 2nd page, it gives me the account page. But i can't add the 2nd server.

Any help would be deeply appricated. Thanx\

Other team members are Deadeyez, Brat_Killer, and Smokiedude. If I could get them added to the team roster along with myself, That would be nice too.

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You are currently not a member of any TAs.


I suggest you request that Lycan adds you and any others that you might want added.

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