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(GAMEHACK) #89077 ?


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Can someone help me. A clanmember from us get this pb ban (VIOLATION (GAMEHACK) 89077) but we all know, that he never cheats.

So i whant him to delet from this banlist.

It this posible and what is this VIOLATION (GAMEHACK) 89077




Need other information please


It is possible with admin Fierebirds gave unduly bana maliciously?

Are there any screenshots, demo or other documents to the offense?


Sorry for my poor english



=SWT= Pangrys

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Only Evenbalance, the creators of Punkbuster, know exactly what triggers their violations and they don't share that information.


There is only one way he will be unbanned, and that is if he appeals his ban and Evenbalance states the violation was triggered in error.


Tell him to click 'Appeal this ban' and to read the instructions *very* carefully.

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He needs to appeal the ban with Evenbalance:



Then appeal the ban here via the "appeal this ban" button on:



Get him to make sure he provides the violation information on his troubleticket.

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