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Cheater Using PBBans


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What did you not understand about this Bro;

Please send me a PM with any proof that you have and we can take it from there.


I am going to prune this topic of irrelevant post's / accusations, but I will firstly outline the policy we have at PBBans.

The bans you have linked are from the PsB banlist and not the PBBans MBI.

The only way that we can confirm that those bans are valid is if we have access to the streamed log information (PsB do not even let us use their 30 day old banlist let alone give us access to their streamed logs) so if a player appears on another anti cheat sites banlist but is not on the PBBans MBI, as far as we are concerned that player is clean.

There are a ton of players / admins who are on the PBBans MBI but are allowed to stream by other anti cheat sites, so that ethos is pretty much standard throughout the anti cheat world.

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Player research for accounts is preformed using our MPi database which includes ban lists from most major anti-cheat sites with the exception of psb (who blocked us). We do not manually run guids at psb since it's time consuming both running the guids and waiting in the rpi queue.


We do not automatically deny people because they show on another ac sites ban list but we do keep a closer eye on them.

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