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Header mishmatch error


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Hi all,

on my Crysis Wars server i have this error in my logs :blink: please help me, yesterday all was correct :blink:


[net 18:11:24.530] $5$6PunkBuster Server: PB UCON Session #1 Opened [] type=1 name="pbbanshub" key=AFDE882AB907EC77F776827C73105097
[net 18:11:54.655] $5$6PunkBuster Server: PB UCON Session #1 Header Mismatch "pbbanshub"@

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This is a bug in the Crysis implementation of PB. If the server is empty, it will refuse to stream. Crytek first promised to repair it in a Crysis patch, then for Crysis Wars... and now it still ain't fixed... and prolly won't...


In short, nothing to worry about really...

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[21:42:19] !server

[21:42:28] Data last received 37 secs ago Crysis Wars Server is streaming via HUB.

[21:42:30] Hub Live is currently tracking 5 players on this server

[21:42:32] PB Version Server: 1.742 | Client: 2.160 | Client A: 1394

[21:42:34] MSI Link: http://www.pbbans.com/msi-server-62-149-202-164-64100.html

Works fine at the moment :)

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You should be aware that crytek have not fully intergrated PB into any of their products.

Despite repeated assurances that they will apply a fix, thus far they have not, in fact they just dropped crysis support without so much as a by your leave to the community it proffessed to suppot / listen to.

If they were forum members here, they would have been set to restricted because they are untrustworthy :P

As a consequence PBUCON does not work properly and crysis/crysis wars servers will only stream when players are active on the server.

This means that the largest streaming server anti cheat site in the world can not maintain streaming. (and they wonder why their games are bombing) :)

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