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new random guid has linked hackers?


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so out of no where i see another guid when i search my name in the MPI...its the bottom guid


this guy from Europe linked me to his hacked accounts?


can someone please look me up and take a look at it...i NEVER hacked at all and i would hate to ruin my reputation and SGA cause a random person is linked to my account.


is there any way to get it off?


what would cause this link..


i have 6 guids because u used to go to this gaming place that had a bunch of computers and i used my name on them...so i have about 4 linked guids that are from the gaming place and i guess are random guids.


the other one (2009) is the computer i use now, and the only computer i play bf2 on...now all the sudden this other 6th guid comes up and it has a load of linked banns on it.


it would be very helpfull if a admin could look at it rly quick...heres a link to the guy im talking about, and as u can see my name, tha17 is in there



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They have had an IP which you have had too, which causes the GUIDs used on them to be linked. Everyone has it :)


And no, the data will not be altered to make you look clean.



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well if it's your GUID then it's a spoofed one that you bought.

If it's your name, he name-hacked you

if it's a related IP, it's dynamic IP

if it's YOUR IP...well then that's just you hacking :P :P



as far as admins taking it off, they can't do anything and this wont affect you in any way shape or form here on PBBans. The only time it would cause you problems would be if it was related directly to your IP, which would mean you played the game with a GUID and your IP registered to it, thus triggering a ban.


But as I said, you have many IP's (dynamic) and this is also the case for many others, so nothing to worry about.

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