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Need suppor on our application


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i'm a member of =BIB= clan;we asked more then 21 days ago about a reactivation of streaming service in our servers :


Then without have answer we decided apply again like we asked the service for the 1st time and our application were denied.


The service of strem were suspended in the past because we got a founder and 1 member of the clan that were found hack and after the ban by Pbbans;you done the correct action to stop the service at our clan.

We banned these guys and we cleared all the clan,so we thought we could activate again the service.

I asked on irc channel what do at Duality and he says to write here.

If you want i can post the chat but i'm writing here to ask what we can do now and if is possible activate again the service.

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So easy to get overlooked when you post in the wrong forum section.

Can you post up a direct link to your current clan roster, because I dont see one, and an accounts member of staff will take a look.


Re the topic, the right account was denied as all duplicate account attempts are, as a matter of course.

Make sure all cheaters are purged from your clan before you post up.

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You still have cheaters on your roster.

I find it hard to believe that your supposedly ex clan leader just happened to be viewing this topic at exactly the same time that you posted it.

Albeit he used a duplicate forum account which I just banned.

I have flagged your team account never to be activated and locked it.


breech of trust and harbouring cheaters within the clan ranks.

Now please stop spamming our forums and apply for streaming elsewhere.

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