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Streaming Application Question


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Hello PBBans,


I have a bit of a question / problem which I am hoping someone can assist me with.


Myself and a friend are both members (not senior or leaders) of a clan and we both admin one of thier COD2 servers which is streaming to PB.


Now I have set up our own small public server for my friend and I (and members of the public) to play on which runs the mods, gametypes and maps we like.

It's just a place for us to play on when we fancy something diferent, or where we can run with what ever weapons, or tweaks etc.


Now I'm very fond of PunkBuster and am VERY keen to keep the cheats at bay.

We used to spend alot of time having to stop play and kick people out which ruins the fun when you have to keep spectating suspected cheats and dealing with them.


So, we would like to run PB Streaming to our server to help keep it free from "scum".

However, because I rent and maintain this server, I don't have a website, forums, clan members etc.

There is very little point in me creating a site, forums etc.. Basicly forming a clan site for no reason when the server is purely there for a group of friends to play on and also the public if they wish.


Now I could make the server private, but, we like playing with other players, it's part of the fun.


All we would like to do is run the server, play on it and have it protected to ensure fair play for us and for all who use it.


I have had an idea though which might help in our application, but I wanted to seek advice first before taking any action.


Could the clan I am in, apply / extend thier streaming account to this server if the clan admins agreed? or would that be out of the question?


All we want to do is run an honest and cheat free server but we are stuck on how to acheive this without building a website that in all fairness, wont ever be used.


Sorry to be a pain with such a difficult question, but we would really like to stream some how.


Regards, Mike.

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Hi fozzer, I'm still in the dark here buddy...


So I know I don't meet the requirements concerning the website, and obviously, I'm not going to start a clan, website, etc just to meet them but the clan I am in do meet them...


Could the clan I am in, apply / extend thier streaming account to this server if the clan admins agreed? or would that be out of the question?



Just wondered if you could clarify on the aboveif you wouldn't mind as this is grey area to me where the terms are concerned.


I'm not trying to pull any fast ones, the wool over anyones eyes here, which I'm sure you get a lot of.

I'm just trying to run a safe server for myself, my friends and the public without the hassle of dealing with idiots all the time.


I will gladly direct you to my clans site (who stream) and submit my guid for you to investigate and you will see my friends and I have been honest players for years, and proud of it :)


We just want to be able to do our own thing now and again and would like the privilage of keeping it clean & safe for ourselves and anyone who uses it.


I'm quite prepared to set up a website containing server information and a list of people who play on it (I could probably use ultrastats to provide an up to date player list) and even a forum for news, announcements, server info, help and support etc.. if that would surfice instead of a clan/community site?


We meet all the other requirements just fine, but it's this website business.

We want our servers public for anyone and not clan orientated.


I'm not asking for exceptions, I understand the need for rules to be clear, however I feel the rules are a little grey when it comes to non clan/community gaming and need to be either a little more clear or a little more flexible.

Just my oppinion anyway.


I'm not complaining by the way, you have a job to do and I respect that.

I'm just looking for a way to come through and find some common ground on this issue.


I hope you will consider my views on this and understand my intentions and questions come with the greatest of respect and the best of intent.


Kind regards,



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Sorry Bro, was in a rush :)

(007ThePlague @ Jul 29th 2009, 03:55 PM) *

Could the clan I am in, apply / extend thier streaming account to this server if the clan admins agreed? or would that be out of the question?

That would be perfectly acceptable to us.

Just have the account master add your server to their account, and I appreciate the heads up re this particular issue.

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Thanks fozzer.


I've just PM'd one of the clan admins to run it by him now that I've had the okay from you guys.

Didn't wanna rush in before I knew it was okay and not breaking any rules.


Thanks again,



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