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I play multi-class on a penquin city server. We have a guy in there that many of us believe is cheating. There is about an even split amoungst the regs there whether he does or doesn't - - I fall on the "he does" side. The "symptoms" of his cheat is - - He never misses. Not only does he not miss - - He always gets head shots. Doesn't make any difference if he or his target is moving or how far away they are - - He still gets head shots. I don't even have to check the scripts to see if it was him that killed me. It is that distinctive. 3 shots dead. That quick everytime. There are some good players on mulit-class but nothing like this guy.

My Question is how do we tell if he is cheating


I finally decided to research this problem after he posted a 50+ percentage with 30+ kills. That is unheard of. You can get a high percentage if you are careful and don't waste bad low percentage shots. Most of the time that results in a low kill ratio since you don't risk shooting unless you know you will hit and kill. But 50 and 30 - impossible

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No one will give you the definite answer you are looking for, and most of us have probably struggled with the same thing you are going through. Best suggestion I have is make sure your MD5Tool list is current and have ss capture on. Streaming is beneficial to the community if he ever does get caught. Another thing you can do is get demos of him/her and privately ask some others to review them after you have viewed them yourself. You should not be selective about your demos, meaning don't ask someone's opinion of demos that seem obvious and ignore the ones where he actually gets nailed a few times.


I'd be happy to look at any demo you have of him/her, though I'm no expert (no one is). If you want to share his last 8 characters of his GUID (PM me), I'd also be happy to let you know if I have anything on him/her as well.

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Punkbuster configs canno't stop hackers... It is not in a config file that you will cheat, but with an external file or application.


But, having punkbuster on is great since it scans for suspicious files...


Im having the same problem on a server, a guy is in my opinion cheating, some of ppl who knows him thinks he doesn't , but im sure of it.... Can't really do anything about it yet

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an aimbot is one of the easiest things to spot while in spec mode ..especially if the person your speccing is faced by multiple enemies .. gun muzzle jerk is a dead giveaway ... there is not a lot of hack activity on the rtcw scene that is not already detected by pb and in all the time i have been an admin i have caught about 3 or 4 via pbss .. the rest have had a pb violation raised


i disagree with rh@psody .. the cvars you restrict with your pbsv.cfg can make a difference, all of them force players to play within a preset range that creates a level playing field for all .. for example over at Jolt we have just added a cvar check pb_sv_cvar cg_nopredict in 0 0 .. if a player is allowed to set this to 1 in his cfg it creates the effect of minor lag and makes him harder to hit thus creating an unfair advantage for that particular player ... thats what pbcvars are there for :)

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