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Give me one good reason why?


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Duality says:


PBBans is unable to accept your application for a streaming account - due to past problems with your organisation.


Please feel free to try streaming elsewhere.




Thats not possible, i never streamd under GVW-Hosting at all, i whas streaming admin before i started this hosting and i whas streaming admin when i whas and still am the co-leader of the aka clan. I understand that you dont like me for what happened, but that whas between you and me, not this company. The reason of our fight was because you banned me on IRC and forum because you accused me as cheater, well as most know i game 13 years without cheats. Also u never give me the opportunity to explain or to apologize to you. I whas banned because of a ban on ET with the same ip like i had that time, i never playd that game on that moment at all. but you would not believe me so banned me before i told you i callt my provider for changing my IP, You can check out all of my GUID's i heave, i only play the Call of Duty Serie and no others. Maybe we can talk on Teamspeak as adults among themselves? I personally find this a little toddler behavior and I do not think you're so bad at all, people make mistakes, including me and you. So if you think your ready to talk about it with me send me a pm and we can go my teamspeak or yours it is no difference.


Best regards,



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I thought a post like this may appear.


The decision is not up for discussion - it does appear your manners and attitude have not changed since our original problems, so I think I was right in my decision to deny your application.


Knee jerk reactions and name calling have no place here whatsoever. I have no intention of discussing anything with someone who believes that calling me a child is the right way to get what he wants.


Calm down a bit, then post - otherwise you may find yourself taking (another) non-voluntary vacation from this site.

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Can we talk this out yes or no? i mean i am going to be online all day tomoro and we can talk all about it, i callt you one word and you give me all this trouble :huh: well maby its me, but i talking normal to you know, and you just dont can forgive people and keep on hating me for what happend, m8 we live today, not yesterday. Pleas talk with me and we can work this out as men among themselves.

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Be smart, stream with GV. Always better then PBBans if i may be so free to speak


I am really not sure what is left to discuss. You are happy with your current streaming solution, GV - and this streaming organisation has decided not to offer you an account.


Nothing has changed since your behaviour last time around - and a few nice words isn't going to change anything now.


I am going to close this one off now - because it is only going to go in circles, with me saying no and you asking for another chance. It isn't going to happen.

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