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  1. Amount of cheaters caught is impossible to estimate . The (pbhub) has already been successful in catching/banning cheaters do not worry if you do not catch 10 cheaters everyday. the amount of cheaters has falling dramitcally from the earlier days . the traffic to your sever also increases the odds of catching hackers . be patient your server is under the pbbans eye .
  2. see http://www.pbbans.com/information-center.html
  3. see http://www.pbbans.com/information-center.html
  4. Watch your mouth ! BF2 Rocks ! Go back and play your point and click games :) Note: Joking incase anyone is wondering . As for server lag have seen some issues but not as you explained . Also if He could hit you ,lag wouldnt have been an issue on his end :)
  5. I'm not sure i know of any bad blood between the community's . I disagree one repository . We have a logo to uphold "Always Quality over Quantity ". With out processing the relevant details of a player ban you can not be sure the ban is true. The option to stream to multiple servers is already present ,and this is an option to all game admins. but as far as PBBANS taking action on a player for reason's placed by an alternative source other the the Staff at PBBANS i strongly disagree with .
  6. You just caught a hacker and didnt know it :) Is this server streaming to PBBANS ? /invoke aim 0 // this turns off aimbot /invoke wall 0 // this turns off wallhack
  7. Yes you should most definitely stream to pbbans this will make your server a much safer place for you and your friends to game on. Note: great post Fozzer ::Amen
  8. Source & Full Story: GameSpy.com Please notice this is not from Official side, so don't take this as a serious fact
  9. Here's how i see it: IF pure code is modified or extended to bring an advantage to one player over another this qualify's as a hack to me. If anyone ever uses such mod's on any server i have control of they will get banned on detection permanently.
  10. This means that the Game server admin has kick/banned you .We have no control or information on this type of ban you will have to contact the game server admin for more information on the reason you were kick/banned.
  11. Players PC login has Inadequate O/S privileges Resolution: User not using a windows Admin account or spyware\malware has changed the policy. Use l2mfix & vx2finder(126) to remove malware and restore the policy NOTE: Here are two more great spyware/virus detection & removal tools. AVG : HERE AD-AWARE : HERE XP Home Users XP Pro Users NOTE:you can also use xp home method 2000 Users NOTE:you can also use xp home method
  12. For security reasons we do not list cheats and definitions here. they are defined by catergory only (example aimbot,multihack,wallhack) if we had a cheat list , cheaters would know what hacks we detect and wouldnt use them :)
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