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  1. Nicks

    CD Key Ban

    If it's not good you must buy an other game. :rolleyes:
  2. Nicks

    Got thrown in a wall.

    They are always glitch but PBBans can't ban all of users of it.
  3. Nicks

    What are you?

    I'am a big monkey penis and I like Lesbians activities.
  4. Nicks

    Add a server

    thanks for helping I would like to know the same thing <_<
  5. Nicks

    A question

    It's forgiven on english ang german server but not on others country. I think it's not great. French players are some cheaters ??? NO. Help us to put off hitfixer.
  6. Nicks

    Signature Updates

    Nice job men it's beautiful :P

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