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  1. iChaos

    Continuous Lagg While playing ET

    I have stopped for over 12 hours.........
  2. I recently had one of my admins on my server do some kind of ban where everytime I restart the server it reinforces the bans he made. He made the ban through Punkbuster, which I'm not incredibly familiar with. How do I remove this ban? It says that the player cannot connect because their subnet or Ip is banned from the server. Also, for future reference, how do I make this type of ban?
  3. likes brownies

  4. iChaos

    Reactivate team account

    Yea I know, I didn't give him permission. But we're using the same computer so he figured he could. It's all good though.
  5. iChaos

    Reactivate team account

    Actually, he was trying to put my server on his account. Which we fixed the issue, and now we're waiting for my account to be approved so I can put the server on it. This way I (Leader of the Server) can monitor it.
  6. iChaos

    Could not open GL

    I know I was getting this problem when I made my Resolution to large for my pc. Try and do r_mode "4" in your autoexec.cfg, then open ET. Maybe it will work then.
  7. iChaos

    Continuous Lagg While playing ET

    Well I'm not too sure about using my specific config, because it's really fit for my computer. But I made it using this site: http://www.team-aow.de/spruehpups/index.php Experiment with that a little bit. The first few might not work well, but you should eventually be able to get one to improve your lag issue.
  8. iChaos

    Continuous Lagg While playing ET

    I have the same problem. Try and modify your configuration file. It won't completely make it go away, but it help it significantly. I barely notice it anymore.
  9. iChaos

    Latest Bans List

    They stopped banning on ET =(

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