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Not getting our server to stream


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We try and try to get our server to stream now that everything is back online!


But somehow getting it start streaming using the automatic hub setup doesnt work!


We have typed in the ip:


the Rcon port


and the password.




when pressing for overwriting we only get an error message!


Anyone in here who has any suggestions!? Please help us out with this!




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What port did you use? What game? If a BF-series game, your rcon port is different than your server's port, and do not post the rcon port in this thread, please, that is private information for BF-series game admins per their servers only.


Also, what error did you recieve. Did you choose the right game from the drop-down menu? A few possible things to look at, and then post back, or jump on IRC, link button at the top of the forums, for real-time help, if you don't have a client.



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Hi RoadWarrior!


[iNIT] Opening connection ...



Read timed out



This is the message that i get!


It is within BF2142


I am sure of the Rcon port and password!


Is this at any help for you?




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Make sure to choose your exact game from the drop-down menu at the top of the webtool Defaults to BF2, you need to select BF2142 first, then enter your info as required, and run it again.



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If your server is on port 16567 then rcon port is 4711 you may have to try an perfom connection twice to get the info to run, if you cannot try and catch FPSGS|Adder on IRC and I will help you out through 2142cc

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