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server's not straming


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i have 3 servers and i'am trying to get them to stream to pbbans.when i look at my server management they say they are inactive.i have followd the setup for 2142 and bf2 through cc but it still states inactive on my pb server list.my cod server also say's it is inactive as well.

any help would be greatly appreciated.




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If you're certain your server is correctly configured and it still doesn't work, please contact your hosting provider, and ask them to check that their firewalls accept incoming UDP connections from the Hub (Hub IP is, as stated in the setup guides)

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None streaming issues are always client side.

Once a server is added to a team account our work is done.

None of the 3 servers you have listed in your team account is configured correctly for Hub streaming.









Streaming will kick in instantly when you get the streaming initiation commands right.

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You may then have to put a ticket in with your host, regarding the matter. You need to have read/write access to the pb folder itself for the pbsv.cfg file only. Once streaming is initiated, you need the ability to upload the pbsvuser.cfg file to the server's pb folder, or may need them to do it for you. They should be able to accomplish this. If not, perhaps aim the one in charge of your ticket over to this forum, and have him register here, and we can talk with him a bit about the situation. Other GSP's here work with us, and it's a fairly easy feat to accomplish in the end.



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