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Server not streamin


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Hi guys,


Glad to see you back up and running.


But i do have a problem like others have had


Since the numbnuts attacked u and u have got running again my server will not stream i have read several other posts with the same issues and have tried all the things and links suggested to get it back up and running to no avail


This is why after 12 hours of trying today i am asking for a little more help if that is possible





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Cheers buff for speedy reply


However i did try all these things and again since ur response before you suggested them is there any way of totally wiping my/our server and then me trying to set the server up again


our server has shown 13 players banned will they still be banned if this is the solution i just wanna help in catching the cheating idiots and also want a decent way to protect the -=KDL=- server we run whilst also safeguarding our regular visitors


Cheers for the help and any future answers in this matter



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All none streaming issues are client side Bro.

All we do is add a server to a team account and our work is done :)

If your absolutely sure that you have followed the streaming initiation guides to the letter and are still getting no joy, then that would lead me to think that the PB install might be corrupt.

Try getting a response from your server to some basic PB commands.

I.E. pb_sv_ver or pb_sv_homepath


What response did you get from the automated webtool ?

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