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windows 7 problem

b.ka the master

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hello everyone!


i have installed the Windows 7 64 bit end version on my pc, and i get kicked out every time from my own server /all of the pb servers/ from the punkbuster when i'm playing rtcw.

the failure code is: unknown Windows API function 131124 code


if someone has any clue how to fix this problem please help cause i can't play now


ps.: i have no problem with Cod4 it runs ok with pb


it looks like windows7 is not perfect for gamers :angry:




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Punkbuster does not yet support Windows 7. The reason for that is that it's not released yet. The RTM might be out but it's not retail yet so it's technically not released.

Some games work fine on Win7, others don't. It just depends on your luck.


You can try xp/vista compability modes. They work for some. Otherwise, play on non-pb servers (or on ones with pb_sv_restrictions 0) or switch to xp/vista.




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Thanks Pisi!

I have the end version in hungarian, cause i'm from Hungary i know it will be released on the 22-th but its the same that will come out.

It looks like i need to wait a little more, cause i already tried compatibility modes but they didn't work for rtcw. :blink:


i like pb servers better, i come along strange things as well but on the servers without it....


thanks, if i will have a solution i will post it here.


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You need the build version 7100. The RTM version still causes conflicts for most PB-related games. Backwards compatibility needs to be set around the release-time of your game, only as far back as XP SP1.


Gaming with no probs on COD4, W@W, Enemy Territory Quake Wars, and Enemy Territory. :)



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hello RoadWarrior!


i have version 6.1.7600 i tried the compatibility modes, but i don't have XP SP1 i only have SP2 or above, and it doesn't work with that. i have made the settings in the pb files and even wolfmp.exe but it wont go with it. i will ban myself from my own servers if i can't fix it. :)

i hope someone will find a solution soon, cause i can't rewrite the windows. :)


thanks, greets


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From all I've read on various forums regarding gaming and Windows 7 in particular(simple google) the 7100 build is the only one that works. You may have to download it via torrents if you can't find it directly at the microsoft site. Your 7600 build key should work. The only reason I'm even running it is that Vista did not appreciate my upgrades for some reason. Turns out that Vista apparently requires a driver for the Q9550 CPU. The irony of that. If you can't load Windows without it blue-screening on you and going into constant reboot loops, you can't install the driver. :huh: :wacko: :blink: I had the 7100 version sitting around on another drive, so I went with that. It took to my new hardware like a fish to water. I'm eagerly awaiting the actual release, as I do plan on buying it.



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