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Tried to message Duality, but I don't think it worked.


The essence of my message is "let's get a poll on here, and see how many of us will put our foot down regarding the disgrace to PC gaming with the dedicated servers issue, and furthermore the use of VAC as an anti-cheat (we all know VAC is far inferior to PunkBuster, and has no support like PBBans).


So, we're all here for one reason, to bust punks and keep PC gaming alive. I propose the administration start a poll, and contribute to our cause. It may help, it may not. I have no idea what negotiations have taken place between Activision (who HAS to be behind this) and Steam.


Let's not take this lightly, and move on to the next FPS with PunkBuster support!

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and we just don't represent large amounts compared to consoles or even the average PC player that just random pubs


Actually we do. Console players make one purchase. Maybe a small monthly subscription should they make the net a pay per month. Look at it from a realistic stance; BF and such games, CoD, and several others run from dedicated servers. How much of that money purchasing servers goes to the game creators; be sure that they get a royalty for every game server out there. How long has the BF or CoD or any other long term game been out there with thousands of servers?


Just a post from our forums....


Currently on one site monitor from BF2 there around 108,656 Players. This equates to about 64 slots max = 1698 Servers


Average server cost for 64 slots is around $95.00. For just these servers you are looking at BF2 alone it comes to around $161,310.00 per month, $1,935,720.00 per year; for just this title. Over 5 plus years thats nearly $10,000,000... in residual funds. Sure not all that server money goes back to EA but a good portion does. There are actually 3255 total servers with just this particular company.


Now if you take all the titles that still are played on PC in various form and mods that need servers; whats the real amount going back from the players? I don't think they will ever sell enough copies of a console game at $60.00 to offset that. Besides, how many console gamers are still playing a 5 year old game and paying a monthly fee to do so.


People need to quit whining and stand up... Many have been... They are shooting themselves in the foot with this even though they can't see it yet. They will.

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I'd like to see PB in all the new upcoming games, I've tried VAC in the past and from what I seen then it didn't work too well, besides that would it still have the support from anti-cheat sites like this?


I think the no dedicated servers issue is very serious though, Codemasters have still not confirmed dedicated servers (haven't checked yet so this might have changed) and now IW seem to be taking the same route, I'm sure a lot of developers are watching very closely and if this 'new system' does take off I don't see any reason for other developers not to take that same route, they could also use VAC in all future games, obviously speculation at the moment but cause for concern, in my opinion anyway.


Go Dice!! :D

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