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I don't know why my COD4 GUID was banned


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I went to play on one of my local COD4 servers, because a friend told me it was a good one. It was the first time I had ever been on that server, and I found I had been banned. I went to their site and did the appealing process, only to find that I had been banned on the PBBans master list. I haven't ever done anything wrong, so this came as a surprise, more so than being banned from a server I haven't played on before. I looked at the ban information for my GUID, and found that I was banned in Denmark, which is strange, because I live in Australia. Also, the server that I was supposedly playing on is in the UK. My ping gets pretty high when I connect to a server on the other side of Australia, so how could i have been playing, let alone cheating on a server in the UK?


Here are the details about my ban: My Ban

My GUID:0d4dcdc85bee4891c4627a47fdf570fb


This is my IP address: (I do have a dynamic IP, so it may not match up to the ones in the MPI until I play COD4 next)



As can be seen, my IP is located in Sydney, Australia, not Denmark. I understand that the mods are people too (i'm one myself :P ), but I feel that this is unjust, and would appreciate someone looking further into this.



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Your cd-key has been leaked, which indicates you have installed something or downloaded something onto your computer that allows a trojan to find that sort of information. I would recommend a full re-format, and then buy a new game, and install it, and be more careful next time. Your GUID is currently being used in Denmark, Australia, and Canada.


Nothing we can do about it, the ban will remain as it has been caught using a cheat, regardless of if it was you or not, and I realize it was not likely you. You are, how-ever, responsible for the security of your computer, and your personal information. Hopefully the cd-key is all that was taken, but such trojans also often look for other personal info like credit card numbers, etc. May come with a key-logger, etc. Format, change all passwords you use for forums, chat programs, etc, and yes, buy a new game, and you'll be fine. Make sure you install some decent security software and be careful where you travel on the internet.



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So there's nothing more that can be done about it? That's a shame, because the servers I normally play on are going MW2 when it comes out, so the only ones left are the ones I'm banned off. That was the reason behind me appealing you see.

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There are no MW2 servers. IW has chosen not to release dedi-files, and the PC-version will be just like the x-box, with local-pairing. May want to re-think that idea a bit, as they've sadly killed the next version of the game before it's even out, for us PC-players. Listen servers only, meaning you'll get paired up with those that are within that 2-6 block radius of you that have the game, and you might be the host, or they might, no ded-servers allocated.



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The pbguid, which is a 32 digit hexadecimal hash of the game cd key was used to cheat.

The same cd key has been used in Australia / Canada / Denmark.

The player from Denmark was the one that raised the bannable violation.

The player from Denmark was the first player to use that cd key when connected to a PBBans server (Apr 16, 2008 at 9:57 am)

If you bought the game from a retail outlet you can try for a refund.

If you downloaded the game, buy your own version.

A complete scan of your system for malaware would be advisable.

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