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I think it would be great if pbbans could get a teamspeak/ventrillo server going. The reason is that I go onto IRC and wait up to 30 minutes and recieve no responce for half an hour, by that time I leave because I want to get gaming. So, if there is a faster communication method we could sort out any problems alot quicker :)

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We're gamers oursleves. Many of us run our own servers. We're also located all over the world. What might be day-time to you could be evening to me, given the difference. IRC is there for real-time support, but your patience is required. If you feel you've been ignored, a pm on the forums will be your best path to success. We will help you as we can, with time constraints. Remember, we volunteer to do the work done here, this has to fit into our regular everyday lives. We do not sit at our computers waiting for you to ask a question, but we will answer as soon as we can, when it is presented to us.



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We do have a teamspeak but i think its rarely used. If you hop on irc and get no option i personally would hop on the forums and look at the bottom for who is logged in out of the staff and send your pm to that staff member you may get a quicker reply that way.

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