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Crysis Free


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I have just purchased the maximum edition and have the original Crysis that I was going to pass onto someone else but unforunately they no longer play these type of games (eyesight issue) so if anyone is interested and you are willing to pay the post and packaging costs I will post the game to you, the game is NOT registered, I didn't register it as the maximum edition was available on offer so you will need to register the game in your name once it's installed.


Please note I am in the UK so posting to the UK would be better as the P & P will be considerably higher.


My system specs, it runs fine:


AMD Phenom II x4 965

4GB DDR3 1600mhz

Nvidia GTX275

Windows 7 64-bit


This post has also been made on the Steam forums so it's first come first served.

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hey renegade i do not want the game ,

i just wanted to comment that i think thats a mighty decent thing your doing passing on a game ,respect !!


That's kind of you to say thank you :)


I actually have done the same thing before but this was graphics cards, when I was a moderator at Battletracker a guy there needed a new graphics card but didn't have much cash and I had 2 in my cupboard as I'd recently updated so sent them to him, an American if I remember right. He just paid the postage.

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Game has now gone, well, almost just sorting out the details, another player from down under.


I feel a song coming on, cue cheesy looking pop video, thank god for heavy metal :lol:


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I *need* a painkiller after listening to that dudes voice for 10 seconds :o


That's the metal god :o


His voice is quite unique but the riff at 1.32 is fantastic as is the solo at 2.09 but what some people don't know is they have released some superb mellow songs too, this, believe it or not is the same band and one of my all-time favs:



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