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Server streaming problem


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Hello pbban staff and others, today i setup a new bf2 server to stream, and I did everything like I have done to the other servers but this server keeps coming up as not streaming, was wondering if its possible to determine the problem. I sent all the commands via bf2cc, like I have doen in past but this one just hates me I guess:scratchchin:. Thx all


Server IP:

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None streaming issues are always client side Bro.

Your other servers are streaming fine, you even have one that is running the same mod as the one your having trouble with :P


First, try this;



Then take a peek at this;



Finally this;


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Oh I know, the one sever that wont stream is from different gsp, gameservers to be exact. I have already put a ticket in for them enable punkbuster, which according to them as been done. I then redid the rcon setup to stream and yet it still a no go. When I ftp to the server its doesn't even write the files to the server. I have tried doing the setup with ftp and also a no go. Im sure its client side, so thanks for some direction. Ill update when I can get it to stream. TY again

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You may need to ask them for permissions to view and read/write to the pb folder. If they've locked that folder down with the same permissions as the rest of the game, no amount of fiddling will fix it until they change the permissions.



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OMG, its been one of those weekends, but I like to report that the server is now streaming. After the ticket I sent, they replied with instrutions on how to send rcon commands to the server with bf2cc and that they could do it for me if I wanted to. I replied by saying that is the way I have tried already multiple times and that they are welcome to try themselves and setup an account for them on bf2cc. After waiting 7 hours for a reply they said sorry for your trouble and the problem had been corrected. I checked bf2cc logs and seen that they hadn't been on but I ftp-ed to the server and seen I had a server logs folder and a screenshot folder I quickly sent the commands and came on pbbans and woot woot Im streaming.


TY all for your help and patience both here and in the irc channel


update ----just got a reply asking them what was wrong, they said that the box the server is on is 64bit and by default punksbuster installs 32bit, so they installed the right version and It fixed it

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If your server wasn't showing a "distress" error, that's likely a load of crap.... You'll notice that even with 64x operating systems, by default games install themselves into the x86 folder, INCLUDING punkbuster. I can't see it being any different on the server-side of things, tbh.


Glad it's working for you now, though. That's the important part. :)



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