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Need Gameservers.com Help


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Well we shut down our box with our streaming servers, I came here to today to set up the BFBC2 server but have been booted out of the SGA group.

Well I cant seem to nail how to setup the stream as gameservers has literally block all coms with it. Any help would be helpful, I added the server but I cant get it to work


Account ID 5127

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ya about that I get no webtool there, all I do get is this


This application only prepares your server to stream to PBBans. Once complete you will need to add the server ip to your account. If you do not have a PBBans account visit

here for more information on how to create one.


Please note this tool WILL overwrite the pbsv.cfg file by default on your server (By issuing the command pb_sv_writecfg). If you do not want to overwrite your config, please uncheck the Write Config box. If you are running any league configs we advise not enabling the Write Config option.


This java based applicaton is client side only and no data is stored on or sent to the PBBans website

For more information on applet security please visit Sun Java


Now I have an account, so how do i get the tool?

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ok after much bit*h i got gameservers to remove whatever they had blocking me talking to pb, I did everything on the list everything went in ok and came back OK

only got the first line back after testing, and our server is added

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Team: Defenders of Valor (:DoV:)

Account ID: 5127

Streaming Status: Streaming (1 / 1)




Server List


BFBC2 - (Streaming)




Well whatever you did, it looks you're streaming now :)

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Yes the auto-hub-setup does work very well...because [eXa] also rents from gameservers.com so i can say that they do not block anything since we stream to our cod4 server(s)

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