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Dedicated Box Advice


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Our clan have been going for a few years now and we are getting tired of having to beat to the drum of GSP's, now we have looked at buying out own server unit and having it hosted somewhere, or purchasing a plain old dedicated unit from a GSP and running it ourselves. We have enough guys who are fine with running raw boxes but was wondering which was the best option ?


Any ideas ? GSP's etc We are mainly a Crysis Wars clan with two 32 slot public and one 14 slot training server, yes I know they are heavy on resources but what do you thing we need ?

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I would suggest first figuring out how much money you can afford to spend each month. A "good" dedicated box is going to start out at probably $175 a month or more. When you figure out how much money you can spend, then look in that price range. My advice is buy more than you need, because you will need it in the future. Also, get more than just a few ips as well. One big benefit of a dedicated box is you can run TS or Vent from your box, makes it easier.


We use Wolfservers. They have good uptime, decent rates, customer service is decent. Only complaint that I have is their billing department seems to be messed up a lot. They keep sending messages saying payment was never received. Just a minor problem to deal with on a monthly basis.

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Thanks Wilbur Wolf did catch my eye when I was looking about last night. I may even go down the route and buy a blade myself and have it hosted by a GSP, which one of them has offered.

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UK :) Leeds to be precise. I can buy a decent Blade and colocate it somewhere as I said, but it's always the maintenance expense and what not.


Now if I had a decent internet connection I'd run it from my business, roll on the BT fibre optic line is what I say.

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Gaming Deluxe seem to do some cheap boxes although I've not personally used them so you might want to ask around for some testimonials.


If you want to go fully self managed check OVH.co.uk, high spec boxes and very attractive prices.

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Cheers guys for the replies. Turns out one of our clan members is quite well in with this type of thing, he does networking for a job so he's got some good ideas it seems.

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Gaming Deluxe seem to do some cheap boxes although I've not personally used them so you might want to ask around for some testimonials.


Will +1 for these.


We did move away from GD after being with them for a year, last year, to try co-location.


That didn't quite work out so we moved back two months later and took them up on one of their top end servers with a nice deal.

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We've had a colo box for over 2 years now and it still runs like a dream, Killercreation were kinda enough to help out get it moved from one building to another in the Blue Square Data Center, Maidenhead and host it in their racks, we had issues with the previous GSP who actually rented their space of KC, so they were just a middle man, really.


The only ever issue we have had with it was the HDD failure, spare was sent up and Justin from Killercreation was kind enough to fit and rebuild OS server for us.


Win 2003 Server purchased


TCAdmin license was purchased, but you could use something like Fire Daemon to run all of your games as services


TS3 non-profiting license was also obtained


RD via VNC to config the server


No probs running various game servers like battlefield, cod's, steam etc


With regards to actually getting a box, it wouldn't cost that much to build your own and drive it up to maidenhead, if KC will have you that is.


One thing to note there isn't much money in colo for the host, so expect to pay a little bit more than usually, but no way near what you would pay if you rented a box


if u need any more help just pm

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