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BBC2 Server stream.

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Hey, when u will send me a approval ? im waiting a long time for that. my server ip is :


help me plz.?

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The onus is on you to keep track of your application post.


Here are the 3 applications and responses you have had thus far;


application 1


application 2


application 3


When you get it right, there will be no problem.

Here is a guide that will assist you;


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in application 3 he sayed to me : Your website does not have your server info listed anywhere.

Also, there is no defined member list for your BFBC2 players.



i have those thing in my website..


when u get into my website, u press home and on the left side u have the server stats. that what he means no?


and i have a list members of my bbc2 players on the forum, in General Discussion and there i have a sticky topic that called :


Clan Members And Administration Levels , and inside i have the clan list members...





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Is that info publicly accessible or does it require registration? If it's public, you can try re-applying. Make sure to reply to the application thread to explain what you just posted above.


Edit: I see what Big_Guy meant, there is no specific information on who in your clan plays BC2 and who's playing other games. As far as the server stats go, it's not loading for me, but that could be a problem from my side of things.

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i did on the application, i posted the forum on the site. and what i need to do more? all my players only play bbc2 not another games.

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